Mother of two, full time lawyer, married, pushing 40. You’d think I might have a bit of a handle on this organisational thing by now. You’d be wrong.

Hi, I’m Rose*, the disorganised one.

My handbag is filled to the brim with pieces of scrap paper: scribbled calculations of the hours I need to be at least present at my desk in order to make up a full working day (in between the school drop offs/pick-ups/swimming lessons/football training), the shopping I need to grab in my lunch break (that I didn’t manage to acquire on the 17 other previous trips to the supermarket that week), the constant lists of birthday cards and presents, it’s pretty much endless.

But somehow, miraculously, these scribbled scraps manage to get me through the week and enable us all to survive- fully clothed, fed and in the right location at the right time (give or take half an hour here and there…)
When Blanche** first mentioned this whole list thing, I saw the potential, not just for me but for the zillions of other people in my position. Now, I’m a lawyer, I can’t function without precedents. If I had a precedent for everything in my real life then I’d be untouchable. And by “untouchable”, I mean “not all be dead by breakfast time”. I’d truly rock at life. So basically, I, too, am placing all of my trust in Dorothy** and Blanche** and their fantastic organisational skills to give me some kind of guidance, while contributing what little I have to this enterprise. I know they won’t let me down, trust me, they won’t let you down either.

*not my real name
**not their real names (but so frighteningly similar, you wouldn’t believe…)


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