Hello! I am Blanche* and I am a married mother of one who also works part time and has a bit of a commute too. So life is busy, and with no family nearby to help out it can sometimes feel like a mini military exercise of precision planning and execution just getting through the working week.

I like to think I am the one who inspired this whole endeavour (although by no means am I the driving force). It was one day at the end of November when in an email exchange between Dorothy**, Rose** and me, there was a little amount of panic about the amount of things we each had on in the run-up to Christmas what with children’s birthdays, trips to visit family, work and not having enough hours in the day, when I said:

And to ease your panic I suggest writing it all down in a list. That’s what I was like until I did that the other week. I love lists, me. My whole life is managed by lists I think…. My Christmas lists are broken down into things to do/prep, presents to buy and food shopping list as well as a schedule for the day itself. The shopping list, the prep and the schedule will all go up on the fridge and I’ll cross things off as I get them done. Literally the biggest thrill.’

And Rose responded with:

Ha ha!  You should set up a website where you put templates of all your list formats on there!  You’d make a fortune from disorganised people like me.’

There followed a tongue-in-cheek exchange about what an amazing idea this was and how we’d make a fortune (ha ha!). It was Dorothy though, with more focus than Rose and I can usually muster, who took the idea and ran with it. Before we knew it, we had a business plan and the shell of a website, and this sh*t was getting real. Amazing, huh?

But the best thing about this whole thing, apart from the thrill of writing lists (I really do love lists and almost every aspect of my life is ruled by them), is I get to do it with my two best friends. Two of the best women I know. How lucky am I?

Stay tuned for more posts from us, and for more lists. We’ll add as many as we can and we are always looking for more inspiration, ideas and suggestions so don’t be shy.

Love, Blanche xx

*not my real name

**not their real names


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