Hi! I’m Dorothy*.  I’m considered the sensible one.  And usually the organised one, unless it’s to do with holidays in which case Rose** leaps into uncharacteristic action and goes into a booking frenzy.

I think my friends regularly overestimate my proficiency though, and whilst I have the appearance of focus and control, a week rarely goes by without me losing my sh*t in some way or another.  And it’s definitely getting worse with age (forgetfulness that is, not some kind of incontinence that the last sentence might be read as), so I’ve resorted to a similar obsession with lists as Blanche** has and now can’t get through a day without close consultation of the numerous lists (usually electronic and saved across a variety of media) holding my family together.

It must be working though as even with two school age boys, two surprisingly high-maintenance cats and a full-time job often travelling around the country, I still have the title of the sensible one.  Woo hoo!

So, this blog thing is making me a little nervous.  I’m not one for opening up to strangers and the potential of nasty trolls terrifies me, but I’m reaching prime mid-life crisis age so this seems like a more sensible (there’s that word again) outlet than plastic surgery so I’m giving it a go.

Hope I’m not crap.

Love, Dorothy  xx

*not my real name (thank God!)

**not their real names (shame!)


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