Off to see the grandparents -mustn’t forget our wellies


Well, half-term has finally arrived though of course for someone working in the private sector with limited holiday I rarely celebrate its arrival.  Kids will be with their maternal grandparents most of the week and then on Thursday evening we’re heading 250 miles south to visit the other lot.

The trip will of course need a list, so I’ve resurrected one of my old packing list templates (yes, I do have these) and updated it to fit this particular visit.

It’s joyous to see that we no longer need a potty (though I may regret that when my little one shouts that he’s desperate for the toilet as we pass the only service station on our stretch of the A1(M)) though slightly depressing to think that I’m not yet ready to despatch of the monitor.

The boys’ paternal grandparents are country folk.  We’ve had record rainfall over the past few weeks and they’ve recently adopted a young colly/ spaniel cross which both lads will no doubt be shadowing for the duration of our trip.  So, it’s not rocket science that wellies are top of the list.  Closely followed by waterproofs and enough changes of clothes to last them a fortnight.

So if you’re reading this from your beach condo on the outskirts of Sydney and thinking that it’ll be helpful for your weekend trip to the Gold Coast, then you may need to find another blog.  In fact my next blog is due to include a list to help with trips to the seaside in 40 degree heat* so don’t abandon us just yet.

Love, Dorothy



packing list - weekend at the grandparents.png


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