I Love Holidays, Me… (Part I)

I might always leave everything until the last minute, panic and then run around like a headless chicken with the majority of things in my life, but if there’s one thing that gets me super-focussed and on-the-ball it’s the suggestion of a holiday.

I’ve always been the same. From dragging Blanche* and Dorothy* on ridiculous coach-trips as students, insisting we drop everything and go on mini-breaks to Barcelona/Nice/Paris/Amsterdam; to trawling the internet (back when it was just a souped-up version of teletext…) in order to find gorgeous holiday villas in Spain and Portugal to accommodate my entire family for two weeks (which I personally could never afford), and now to the yearly tradition of booking the annual summer holiday to Majorca with Mr Rose*and our two children. There is something about organising a holiday that is almost as satisfying as going on the actual holiday itself.

It’s easier than ever to just click on an app these days and book yourself a fortnight pretty much wherever you like (I actually booked ours on the walk up to the office from the car park) but even I like to make sure the basics are considered before going ahead and actually committing my hard earned cash (we can’t now afford to eat until August in order to save up, but hey, at least I’ll fit into my bikini.)

This list is basically things to think about for a standard two week holiday to Europe. Obviously if you’re going further afield, feel free to add in such items as visa and vaccinations. And if you’re considerably richer than me and have some money left at this stage,  you may also want to consider travel money/exchange rates too (because the way things are headed, three months’ salary may just get you a portion of patatas bravas by August…)

*Not his real name




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