Gym Bag Lottery


Ok, so this post would’ve undoubtedly been better timed for January when gyms across the country were bursting at the seams.  But since my own January was spent coughing and sneezing I’m over a month behind you all, so February has been my ‘what have I forgotten to pack in my gym bag* today?’ month. 

In just February alone I’ve forgotten to pack almost everything on my list.  But there is literally nothing worse in life** than the realisation that once again you have forgotten to pack a clean pair of undies, and after your long refreshing shower (actually, it tends to be a more rushed affair for me as I attend the sort of gym where you don’t want to leave your belongings out of sight for too long) you have to choose between the risk of going commando or the extreme discomfort of squeezing back into your sweaty briefs for the drive home.  Instinctively I’d always go for the first option but I also have to consider how busy the open plan changing rooms are so as not to start local rumours about my preferred attire.

Anyway, the point is that there’s a lot of potential for forgetting something that could be pretty crucial to the success of your gym visit or you leaving with dignity intact.  So, I’ve listed all the things that you may need though as with all of our lists, they may not all apply to you or you may have other important needs (it would be great to hear your thoughts on this). 

And to help with my own gym bag lottery I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a laminated copy of my list in my gym bag for quick reference on packing.  There’ll be no more changing room profanities from me!

Love, Dot.

 *I was gifted a lovely new gym bag (thanks Mr Dorothy) for my birthday – it’s the size of a small suitcase so there’s no excuse for this lottery anymore.

**clearly there are worse things in life




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